Phil Eddolls: Theatre Design and Realisation

Jonsi Go Do , Regency New York NY

Jonsi World Tour 2009 2010
Co-design with Fifty Nine Productions

Selected Reviews

"Go", Jonsi's debut album under his own name, seeks to translate Sigur Ros's elegiac, symphonic soundscapes into something approximating pop music, and is a qualified success. The material works better live, where a five-piece band – including Jonsi's partner, Alex Somers, on guitar – and spectacular visuals by the theatrical design company 59 Productions combine in a truly hypnotic performance....By the encore, he has donned a towering Native American headdress for the hyperventilating percussive-pop rush of Animal Arithmetic, and then performs a war dance in front of staggering high-definition thunderstorm visuals during the glorious cacophony of Grow Till Tall. Sigur Ros are a sorry loss, but if Jonsi maintains this staggering form, their absence will be less sorely felt."


"Playing at the Kentish Town Forum as part of a world tour, the colourful Jonsi and his talented whip-tight band play songs delicately and feverishly before a brilliant backdrop.

Devised by Fifty Nine Productions, a creative collective who work in theatre and film, the live show is a hybrid of arts that blasts the senses.

The visuals continually morph - flames flicker across the forest stage, scratchy drawings of wolves hunt deer, hummingbirds caress tumbling flowers - you walk away greatly appreciative of nature.

As Jonsi tinkers on the piano during Sinking Friendships, the background turns into bright blue waters, ready to burst from the stage, but the magnificent production doesn’t take anything away from the music: it enhances the eerie dream-like songs."


"When tonight's set closes, it's difficult to believe that an hour and a half has passed, such is the spell that the Sigur Ros frontman, Jonsi, casts over his audience.... It has a powerful effect on those in the prime spot, standing, who are buffeted by the lightning and pelting rain, fully immersed in – and almost part of – the performance. There is nobody in contemporary music quite like Jonsi."


"throughout his 75-minute set Friday night at Sound Academy, the audience was torn: were they more impressed with the gorgeous, lush arrangements fuelled by Jonsi's at times angelic high notes or the equally stunning visuals which accompanied the songs?"

Toronto Sun

"During the show, which blends elements of operatic and theatrical staging and film and art installations with the lighting and dynamics of a live gig, animals including wolves, deer, butterflies, owls and rats, all come to life on screens and take flight.

It might sound odd, but fans and critics who have already seen the show on tour in America have been won over. "With 90 minutes of genuine, theatrical production, replete with an interactive set and costumes, Jonsi made the fifth stop of his solo career at the Roseland Theater with a performance designed for an opera house," said the Oregon Music News. "Bringing some to tears, the intensity and sheer force of the final minutes triggered cool perspiration to chill stunned onlookers – one powerful gasp before letting go forever."

The Independent

"It began as an affirmation, with churchy organ chords and Jonsi’s purest sustained high notes, and a tree blooming on the video screen. A martial beat and electric guitar chords arrived, pealing and then moving into frenetic tremolos; the screen darkened with torrential rain and windblown debris, as the tree shattered. Jonsi’s purity turned to desperate shouts. The sweetest falsetto couldn’t hold back a hurricane."

New York Times

"On a set that looked like the Museum of Natural History after a fire (trust me), a tight musical arc that fit the songs into one another like puzzle pieces, and gorgeous projections courtesy of London's 59 Productions, the show was less winsome rock and more serious Theatre."

Spin Magazine

"...None of that prepared me for one of the most incredible experiences I’ve recently had. The music was amazing, of course it was amazing, we’re talking about dedicated musicians playing their hearts out to a totally rapt audience, but the light display merged both performers and backdrop into a story that unfolded through the course of the show."


Jonsi Cabinets and set, Q Division 2009

The set before rehearsals