Phil Eddolls: Theatre Design and Realisation

Cov Mys Mr Cov, Andy Hockley, Mr Cov

Coventry Mysteries 2006
Produced by Imagineer and directed by Barry Kyle

The 2006 Mystery Plays in Coventry were set inside the bombed out cathedral that sits beside the new cathedral of Coventry. This building is so beautiful that it was difficult to work out what would enhance it. The set ended up as a series of walk ways linking a giant staircase to a version of the alter end of the cathedral through which we could pump immense amounts of water. The water filled a canal which stretched the length of the cathedral, separating the audience into the two banks of congregation just as they would have been the night before the bombing. I had no reason to change another thing about that building apart from lighting the walls to create an amazing backdrop. The lighting was designed by Arnim Freiss.

Cov Mys Ark entry, Clare Grogan Cov mys denis steps white, None Cov Mys steps set empty, None Ark wid animals, None Cov mys steps god devil2, None
Cov mys Jesus blue, None Cov mys blue set, None Cov mys denis steps red, None Cov mys red lit set, None Cov Mys, walking on set, crowd, None Cov Mys god devil steps, None Cov mys big steps Denis, None Cov Mys girl in water, None