Phil Eddolls: Theatre Design and Realisation

Science Museum model, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds

The Science Museum Live 2011
Produced by M4 Entertainment Limited and The Science Museum, London. Opens at The West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds

This show was commissioned by M4 Entertainment Limited as a touring, multi-venue show which can be be fitted-up, lit and set within one day for Performance that evening. It was essential that the whole production, including presenters, must fit into a Luton Transit van and be assembled by the two presenters and stage manager. The set is designed to fit onto a given footprint which enables it to fit into all the venues on the tour.

Science Museum Teachnical Drawing, None

Technical drawing

Here I am planning how the chain reaction machine

Science Museum hand sketch working sketch, None

Initial concept

Drawn during an early meeting with the director...bears a little resemblance to the finished set!

Science Museum working sketch, None

Sketch-up drawing

I have used the 'Sketch-up" program to create a 3D working drawing to aid the director and the creative team.